Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA Clone

As a home brewer on the southern east coast I believe it is my right and responsibility to patronize Dog Fish Head brewery.  I recently took up a challenge from my future brother in-law to try and clone the 60 Minute IPA. I did a little (and I mean a very little) research and found a recipe on Google books for this beer.  The recipe in the book was an extract recipe.  I converted it to all grain. 

The recipe: 5 Gallon Batch 
12 Lbs 2-Row 
6 Oz Amber Malt. 

14 g Amarillo (boil)
14 g Simcoe (boil)
14 g Warrior (boil)
14g Amarillo (0 min) 
28 g (Dry Hop)
14g (Simcoe) 

Mash @ 151 
*The boil hops were all split into 12 small cups that were added to the boil in 5 min increments. 

Ferment @ 66 F (19C) My clone vs the real 60 minute.  My clone is lighter in color and slightly more clear.  The hop character is similar but the clone has a softer bitterness.  The real 60 minute has a much more aggressive and bright hop character than my clone.  I think if I had made some water adjustments I could have come much closer.  All in all its tasty and darn close. 

60 minute vs Clone
60 Minute left : Clone Right 

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