Saturday, August 25, 2012

American Bitter

I have written about my belief that the next big thing in american craft beer should be low alcohol beers.  I have finally decided to try and brew a sub 4% ABV beer.  My plan for this beer is to emulate an English Bitter recipe. but to Americanize it.  The way every other style is "Americanized" is for it to be higher in ABV and more hoppy.  I have designed a small APA (american pale ale) that I call a American Bitter.  It clocks in at 3.3 ABV 25 IBU's. 

The Recipe: 5 Gallons 

6 lbs Golden Promise 
1/2 lbs Munich Malt 
1/2 lbs White Wheat Malt 
1/2 lbs Amber Malt 

9.5g CTZ @ 60 Min 
14 g Cascade @10 Min
14 g Zythos @ 10 Min 
14 g Cascade @ 0 Min
14 g g Zythos @ 0 Min 
28 g Cascade dry hop 6 days 
28 g "Centennial type" dry hop 6 days 

OG 1.040 
FG 1.015 

I brewed this two weeks ago. I unfortunately am at capacity with my kegs.  I will dry hop and report back when I have some tasting notes on this beer.  I have tried it out of the fermentor and it is really good.  It in no way tasted like it is 3.3% beer. It has a really nice cirtus and pine hop character with out being overly hoppy.  

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