Friday, February 8, 2013

Murphy's Law

Thinking back Murphy was with me from the beginning of this brew day. 

I was planing on using the yeast from a recently brewed Munich Helles to brew a dark and malty Dunkel.  When I went to my homebrew store they were our of Munich malt. 

No problem I'm nothing if not adaptable.  I'll just brew a Vienna lager.  I picked up 9.5# Vienna malt and was on my way.  

This morning I woke up and started my brew day.  Heated strike water milled my grain and mashed in.  While I heated my strike water I dropped the cooler I use for a hot liquor tank. BROKEN...

That sucks but not the end of the world.  I'll use my kettle to hold my sparge water and just collect my runoff in a couple of buckets. 

I started to recirculate and my pump clogs.  I look at the hose and I realize that it is just sucking a much of grain through. My manifold must have broken some how.   

This is where I threw in the towel.  I know I could have probably made it work, but sometimes the value of my time and peace of mind is worth more than 10ish Lbs of grain. 

Oh well, I'll just plan my next beer (Flanders Red) while drinking one of my latest ones (Munich Helles, well at this point its a Zwickel Helles.) 

Cheers, Ben